The Crusaders - Unit Description

As the smoke clears from the battlefield, the images of victory arise
from the battle torn world, and this is the one who are the best fighting
force in the SG-5, The Crusaders.

Again when another mission needed accomplished the SGC sent in the
best. As like in the annuls of Tau'ri history, in every fight and battle
there were and are special warriors, and these seasoned gladiators have
always been known as The Crusaders!

The symbol, of the flaming sword that defends the Earth for many
centuries lives on today, in a Stargate clandestine unit. The souls and
fighting spirit that gives freedom and liberty to Earth and Offworld
peoples lives on.

'The Crusaders'!

Those who live to serve, fight to win, and the pride of the SG-5 will
always rise to the occasion and strike fear into the Goa'uld.

The Crusaders!

The freedom fighters who gives the Tau'ri peoples liberty instead of
death from the Goa'uld.

The Crusaders!

Keepers of the secret, ancient trust, that defends the weak and helpless.

The Crusaders!

Headed by Base Commander Crippsy, the toughest Commander the SGC has ever
seen, the scourge of the enemy, his very name strikes fear in the minds of
the Goauld everywhere!

The best the SG5 has ever known, The Crusaders!


Our Motto...

"There are no accidents, everything's planned"