Other SG5 Links

SG-5 Strategic Headquarters
Headquaters of SG5, updated reguarly by General Creed

SG5 Recruiting Site - The SG5 recruiting site

Cartoon Critters - Base Commander Scooby Doo's Unit

Toke'mon - The website of the Toke`mon Unit!

"Arthurian Alliance" - General Dra'aknors Unit

Psionic Operations - The website of Psionic Operations

Recon Tactical Shadow Operations - General ShadowDragon's Unit

S.H.I.E.L.D. Central - Home of SG-5's Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage & Logistics Directorate

Raiders Elite - Home of the Raiders, General Richard's unit

The Star Unit - General KT_Sheik/Naturu Brig Gen. Link's fiancee's unit


Stargate Websites



Official MGM Stargate Site


General Stargate sites

Cheyenne Mountain

SG1 Episode Archive

Stargate SG1 Online
Crusaders Rich's Site

SGC'S Homepage - Great site made by Crusaders Susan Griffiths and Corinne Svoboda


Misc sites - Home of the Page 3 girl

My livejournal - My online journal where you can follow my dad to day happenings wishlist - Some of the items id like from


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The Crusaders
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