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SG5 - The Crusaders

SA5 - Crusaders Alpha

Hi and welcome to the homepage of 'The Crusaders' from SG5 in Stargate Command, and 'Crusaders Alpha' from SA5 on the Stargate Alpha command.

'The Crusaders' is a unit situated within the SG5 Strategic wing of the Stargate command, originally on the showtime website before it closed. 'Crusaders Alpha' is an elite army unit based on Mirphak, Stargate Command's Alpha site at

For the moment, most of the unit specific pages are only for the crusaders, im slowly going to be adding crusaders alpha info to pages such as the description and roster pages.

Please visit the Unit Description page for a description of the crusaders Unit.

On the Links page you can find some links to a few sites that either belong to my friends, are Stargate related, and even the SG5 Headquaters site.

For quick Access to pages in this site, use the drop box if the page you're on has got one.

Please try to ignore the annoying pop ups you may encounter, the hosting people put them there, if I get enough hits to the site though I may pay for them to be removed.

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The Crusaders Has a Store! Click Here to visit it.

Enjoy your time here.
Base Commander Crippsy SGC
OffWorld Commander of the Army Crippsy SAC


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